In the dynamic world of Web3, the rise of decentralization is reshaping our digital landscape, granting autonomy to users and developers alike. However, as we transition from the established communication methods of the Web2 era, we encounter significant challenges. Traditional methods like email and phone numbers, once the lifeline of user-developer interactions, are being replaced by wallet addresses in this new era, leading to a communication gap that often diminishes the user experience.


Introducing the Moss Platform, a cutting-edge, AI-powered decentralized communication hub designed specifically for the Web3 era. This platform revolutionizes the way users, developers, marketers, and influencers interact by providing secure, intelligent, and seamless messaging services that span across various blockchain networks and decentralized applications (dApps).

Wallet Services

MOSS offers several types of wallets, including desktop, mobile and web wallets, to facilitate users to store and transfer MOSS.

Rxchange services

ESeveral well-known cryptocurrency exchanges offer MOSS trading services, making it easy for users to buy and sell MOSS.

DApps and Projects

A wide range of decentralized applications (DApps) and projects based on MOSS are growing rapidly, bringing life to the MOSS ecosystem.

Token economy

For the strategic distribution of the total supply of 17.3 billion $MOSS tokens for the Moss platform, the allocation is designed as follows to support long-term growth, user engagement, and ecosystem sustainability:

Ecosystem Development (45%): 7,785,000,000 $MOSS
Purpose: Enhanced support for growth, scalability, user rewards, partnerships, and community initiatives.
Details: Increased allocation to further marketing efforts, community incentives, partnerships, and new feature developments.
Team and Advisors (20%): 3,460,000,000 $MOSS
Purpose: Compensate and incentivize the team and advisors.
Details: Tokens subjected to a vesting schedule, e.g., a 4-year period with a one-year cliff.
Reserve Fund (15%): 2,595,000,000 $MOSS
Purpose: Provide a safety net for unforeseen circumstances and ensure stability.
Details: For emergencies, unexpected market conditions, or new opportunities.
Strategic Partnerships (12%): 2,076,000,000 $MOSS
Purpose: Establish and nurture strategic partnerships and collaborations.
Details: For strategic partners, industry leaders, and other platforms as part of collaboration deals.
Public Sale (5%): 865,000,000 $MOSS
Purpose: Distribute tokens to the broader public and increase decentralization.
Details: Sold through various public sale rounds with clear terms and conditions.
Research and Development (3%): 519,000,000 $MOSS
Purpose: Fund ongoing research and technological advancement.
Details: For hiring talent, researching new features, improving infrastructure, and ensuring security.
This allocation strategy aims to balance the immediate needs and long-term goals of the Moss platform, ensuring a sustainable and robust ecosystem. ​​



Q4 2023 ~ Q1 2024: Seamless Connection Across Multiple Chains

Multi-chain Messaging Service: Dive into a world where your messages flow seamlessly across various blockchain networks, ensuring no conversation is ever siloed within the Moss ecosystem.
Subscription & Notification Hub: Stay updated with real-time alerts and subscribe to the channels that matter most to you, all within the Moss ecosystem.
Web2 Login & MPC Wallet Integration: Transition smoothly from traditional platforms with Web2 login capabilities and enjoy enhanced security with Multi-Party Computation (MPC) wallets.
Multiple Chains Integration: Experience unrestricted communication as Moss integrates with an array of blockchain networks.
Whitepaper & Tokenomics Release: Gain a deeper understanding of Moss's vision and the underlying economic model.


Q2 2024 ~ Q3 2024: Expanding the Moss Ecosystem

Moss Mainnet Launch: A significant milestone where Moss's full potential is unleashed on its own dedicated network.
App & Browser Plugin: Communicate effortlessly with our user-friendly app and browser plugin, designed for convenience and efficiency.
NFT Domain Marketplace: Trade and utilize unique NFT domains within the Moss ecosystem, personalizing your digital identity.
Enterprise & Multi-chain Mailbox: A robust solution for businesses and individuals alike, offering a unified mailbox for diverse blockchain communications.
Web3 Workspace: Transform your workflow with decentralized applications like Drive, Meeting, and Chat, all integrated into the Moss platform.


Q4 2024 ~ Q1 2025: Revolutionizing Engagement with MAIL2EARN

MAIL2EARN: Introducing a new paradigm where your engagement and attention are rewarded in the Moss ecosystem.
Marketing Hub: A targeted platform for marketers to reach the right audience, ensuring that every message is impactful and every campaign is a success.
Get Paid to Read: Change the way you interact with content by earning rewards for reading and engaging with messages.
Add & Bind Web2 Mailbox Accounts: Link your existing email accounts to Moss, bringing all your communications under one decentralized roof.


Q2 2025 ~ Q3 2025: Ultimate Control Over Your Digital Assets

Assets Dashboard: Manage and monitor all your digital assets in one place with an intuitive and comprehensive dashboard.
Assets Cross-chain Transfer: Enjoy the freedom to move your assets across different blockchains, breaking down barriers within the crypto space.
Anonymous Messaging Protocol: Communicate with peace of mind, knowing that your identity and messages are protected with state-of-the-art anonymity protocols.

Community support

The MOSS community is a vibrant and innovative group dedicated to promoting the development and adoption of MOSS. The community provides a variety of support:

Forums and discussions: MOSS has an active community forum where users can exchange ideas, solve problems, and share the latest information and developments.

Developer Network: MOSS provides resources and support for developers to innovate and develop using the MOSS platform.

Education and Training: The MOSS community regularly hosts a variety of education and training activities to help users better understand and use MOSS.

Promotion and cooperation: The community actively promotes the value and application of MOSS, and establishes partnerships with various organizations and enterprises to jointly promote the development of MOSS.


MOSS as an innovative cryptocurrency has gained wide recognition for its unique characteristics and value. We firmly believe that in the future, MOSS will play an even greater role as a key player in the digital economy. We welcome you to join our community and witness the growth and success of MOSS!

Market prospect

In the future of the cryptocurrency market, MOSS is expected to have a place. As blockchain technology grows in popularity and the acceptance of cryptocurrencies increases, MOSS's potential user base will continue to expand. Especially in areas where there is a need for decentralized and secure transactions, such as cross-border payments, digital authentication, and supply chain management, MOSS has huge potential applications.
In addition, MOSS 'market prospects are closely tied to the support of its partners and investors. As more companies and institutions begin to recognize the value of MOSS, they may become important partners or investors in MOSS. This will further enhance MOSS 'market position and visibility.
In summary, based on its unique technical characteristics, strong ecosystem and broad market prospects, MOSS has great potential for development in the future. Despite the uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market, as long as MOSS can continue to innovate and meet user needs, it is expected to stand out from the competition in the future and become a shining star in the cryptocurrency space.


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